Easy entertaining with online platters

If you are like me and like to outsource as much as possible..

Think online shopping, meal delivery, Woolworths online.. etc.. I found a little hack the other day on the Woolworths  site.

BUNDLES.. That’s right, a little section where they put things together for you so you don’t have to.. While the dinner packs looked simple enough.. curry, rice, naan etc what really caught my eye was the Entertainer packs. Now I hope these haven’t gone off line while I rave about them, but there were a few cheese and wine options to choose from..

I found a $50 Entertainer bundle that included a bottle of Chardonnay ( I know not everyone drinks this but my Mum does so always handy to have one in the fridge) This saved me honestly about 20 mins of online looking for gourmet products that aren’t on my every day shop and its a party in a bag..

A few friends popped over that weekend so we invited the neighbours over and I didnt even have to think.. Perfect, simple entertaining from Woolies…


I’m thinking I might try out their meal bundles too soon.. see below

(not sponsored by Woolies.. but should be..)

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