Travel Packing for Toddlers

My little guy and I have flown on over 300 regional, national and overseas flights together, and he is only two… so I do believe this has now become my area of travel expertise and I’m going to take a few blog posts to cover it all for you, from infants plus..

Hopefully you can pick up a tip or two to help you,

While there are so many things i could cover, today I’m simply talking about what to pack for your two year old’s check-in luggage. (Your days of carry on are over)

First thing I do before even getting the suitcase out is look at the destination weather, then if I’m staying at a hotel I call to see what they can offer, this sorts out if they have cots, potties, children’s blankets, high chairs, car seats and microwaves so I can pack appropriately. Most hotels will have a portacot available in the room however no one ever knows how they work so ‘You tube’those tutorials depending on the brand. If staying with friends or family overseas I do the same, this has saved me bringing car seats and cots to Europe, thank goodness.

Back to the hotels, I ask for the portacot to be in the room and now he is on cows milk, I also ask that fresh milk be available on arrival so I don’t have to wait for room service. Especially important on a late flight or around nap time. While this doesn’t always happen, our regular hotels sometimes get it right.. even better when my bottle of bubbles are sitting there too.

This week we are heading to the Shangri La in Sydney, no potties available but they have cots and highchairs. We haven’t organised an apartment so no laundry and I’m not paying hotel fees for a tiny t shirt wash so am taking enough for 5 days.

We also have a driver organised for airport pickup with a car seat included which is worth the extra $15 or so to get from the airport. I have lugged a car seat on a plane and it is not fun. Even with the travel cover I bought specially for it so it didn’t get rained on or marked..I also don’t like to travel in a taxi without a car seat if it can be avoided. For a few months I did have an Uber driver in Adelaide that had a car seat for me which was the best but they opened their own business (cheers to them as they are going great.. but a sad day for me)

here is my list for 5 days,

  • 3 trousers
  • 3 shorts
  • 1 jeans
  • 4 tshirts
  • 4 longer sleeved tshirts
  • 2 ‘going out’ shirts
  • 3 jumpers/sweaters
  • 1 sweater vest
  • 1 raincoat
  • 1 set pj’s for running around hotel room
  • 1 sleep suit/child sleeping bag
  • 1 favourite blankie (aka huggie)
  • 1 dress-up giraffe outfit
  • 7 sets undies
  • 5 pairs socks
  • 1 pair swimming trunks and arm floaties/swimming arm bands
  • night nappies (and nappy bags!)
  • pull-ups for plane/car trips
  • baby bum cream.. change of weather and water can cause some lumps & bumps
  • baby sunscreeen
  • baby shower gel (hotel products are too perfumed)
  • babywipes
  • hat
  • 2 pairs shoes/ sandals
  • 1 pair sneakers

while this seems extensive, I like options ,I’m choosing colours that can mix and match with a quick accident and am covered for outside, hotel air conditioning, activities, play and going out for dinner.

I will also pop in a plastic bib, potty and some baby bottles for night time into the suitcase. I also add some linen and plastic wash bags for dirty clothes so they can be kept separate on the flight home. You can pick these up in the hotels and I  have a supply always in my case. My little guy has toilet trained but we are still needing a few comforts from home to keep everything running smoothly for him and minimize disruption being away from his bedroom.

Catching the plane, airport bag and travel pram will hopefully be in my next travel post and later on I will cover how to travel with an infant. ( treat it like a military operation on the pre organisation and you can relax on board. Trust me xx)

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