Easy Easter Decorating

If you are like me and love a celebration with a bit of decoration and tradition, Easter is the one of the easiest

We started by colouring some hard boiled eggs for a two year old activity later in the day by following directions on the food colouring packet .. easy,

each separate colour needs its own bowl,

  1. 1/2 cup hot water,
  2. 15-20 drops of colour
  3. and a teaspoon of vinegar,
  4. add the hard boiled eggs to soak for a few minutes and drain on kitchen paper..

i suppose we could have gone completely natural with some turmeric and spinach leaves but this was a quick Easter activity this morning and I’m no Martha Stewart before caffeine.

I have acquired (usually on sale) a couple of green AstroTurf bunnies last year from Kmart and some decorated plastic eggs from Bed, Bath and Table (thank you Hatbour town) , scattered simply on a cakestand or two and voila “Easter”.

My Easter Bunny cake is also a hit every year.. will post closer to the date as we are getting ready for our Easter egg hunt and putting out our signs for the Easter Bunny,

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